Brutalist Framework

when strangers are your bank

Secret Sauce

Febuary 1, 2018

In Secret Sauce, a code poem, the protagonist wants everyone in the world to make money so she can take their money. Why? She needs money to buy time. And, she needs time because she eats time in order to live.

/// World.js ///

// canonical library of reverse engineered human psychology tools
import { SecretSauce } from SecretSauce

// Bank Of Ireland is the best tax haven according to
import { BankOfIreland } from OffshoreBanks

// called at the very beginning of each day
function dayBegan( event ) {

    const world =
    let allHumans = world.humans.toArray()

    // check if other people are alive
    // if so proceed to take their money
    // else wait for evolution
    if ( allHumans.length <= 1 ) return

    // take money from each human one at a time
    for ( let human in allHumans ) {

        // humans are machines under the hood
        let machine = SecretSauce.getMachineForm( human )

        // humans don't have operating instructions but machines do
		let operatingInstructions = SecretSauce.getOperatingInstructions( machine )

        // now we have all the info necessary to take a strangers money
		const aStrangersMoney = SecretSauce.withdrawAllMoney({ from: machine, with: operatingInstructions })

		BankOfIreland.account.deposit( aStrangersMoney )

        if ( typeof human.job === 'undefined' ) {

            // then the human does not have a job
            // so provide human lowest paying job
            // Note: low paying jobs increase the value of money
   human )

    // incentivize the population to keep working by
    // decreasing their chance of financial independence

    // create more people to take money from